A dedicated hosting services, dedicated server, or managed server hosting service is a type of internet hosting. In which client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is as flexible as shared hosting, as organization have full control over the server, including choices of operating system, hardware, etc. [Ref:- Wikipedia]

Now let’s see the factors for choosing dedicated server

Define resource requirements

Before jumping into purchase of dedicated server you need to take deep breath and list out resource you need. This depends on what you want to host and how many users you expect. CPU, RAM, Storage size, Storage type, domain park limit etc resources need to be defined before purchase.

Think about downtime

Avoiding downtime and providing best user experience is biggest motive to use dedicated servers. Before choosing any dedicated server you must find who is best dedicated Server Company in Delhi. After reading reviews and checking reputation you can decide who is most trustworthy.

Consider Bandwidth

Do you hate visiting slow, not reachable sites? Then your visitors will also hate it. So be alert and choose dedicated server providers who is offering good amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth is very crucial for smooth data transfer and good user experience.

Check Network Quality

Before deciding best hosting server company in Delhi you must check their network quality. Very few company ignore this thing. But if you want to attract customer toward your company then you have to consider this thing minutely.   

Application scalability is must

Change in a new thing is creating new vision toward website. In every second world is changing. Then with that you have to change your technique, like that if we do some changes in our website. Website will be improved and also new customer will connect to your website. And business will be expanded.

Choose reputed server hosting provider

Before choosing best server hosting company, you must have to study company and their features and bandwidth and other things. And in prices also have important role. After study those points you can easily choose best server hosting company at Delhi.

Now, let’s compare few companies to decide who is best Dedicated Server company in Delhi.

CPU6 Core4 CoreIntel octa core8 Core
Disk2 x 500 GB SATA2 x500 GB500 GB500 GB
IP1 IPv41 IPv42 IPv43 IPv4
Bandwidth5 TB8 TB5 TB5 YB
Price6995 /Mo8840/Mo9269/Mo8499/Mo

eWebGuru Dedicated Servers in Delhi

eWebGuru the best dedicated server provider in Delhi offers some good features in their best plan. In Rs 6995, you will get 32 GB RAM, 6 Core CPU, 5 TB Bandwidth per month and 1 IP v4. As well as they offer 2x 500 GB SSD Disk. After comparing this plan with others we can say this is the most balanced plan in terms of price and features.

Another big win for users at eWebGuru dedicated server is scalability. You can have option to add on and scale each of resources. Scalability makes it growth ready and future ready. You also get free migration service so you can join eWebGuru family smoothly.   

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Godaddy Dedicated Server

GoDaddy is another popular dedicated sever company in Delhi. They are offering 2x 500 GB SDD, 8 TB Bandwidth, 4 Core CPU, 32 GB RAM and 1 IP v4. This is not managed dedicated server this is self managed dedicated server. This dedicated server comes at price of Rs 8840 per month.

If you compare this plan with eWebGuru’s dedicated server plans you will find you are getting comparatively better features and prices.  If you need managed server it will cost you more.

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Hostgator Dedicated Server

Hostgator offers services and plans made for USA and India. They are offering managed dedicated server with Octa core CPU, 500 GB disk, 16 GB RAM and 2 IP v4 in RS 9269 per month. Hostgator is indeed a big brand but when we compare this plan with others, it seems costly. Hostgator need to rearrange their plans as per Indian market.

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Bluehost Dedicated Server

Bluehost a global level brand in hosting offers dedicated servers in Delhi for Rs 8499 per month. In this plan they offer 8 GB RAM, 8 Core CPU, 5 TB Bandwidth. As well as they offer 3 IPs. We saw plans of other top dedicated server providers in Delhi and can say this plan is offering less features in this price range. eWebGuru and Godaddy are offering better features in comparison.

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What makes eWebGuru a best choice for dedicated server company in Delhi?

  1. Best in industry customer support
  2. Best in class price and features
  3. Scalability options to upgrade anything anytime as per need
  4. Managed server in attractive price
  5. Indian company who understands need of Indians and preserves Indian values by keeping fair prices and offering polite customer support.

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