Do you want smoothness or simplicity while working on the website? So, hope this article will help to work smoothly. This article will show how WordPress hosting can make your work easier. Also, we will see features of the WordPress hosting server. And also, we will compare the plans of WordPress hosting providers in Kolkata on their prices. So Let’s Start,

• With the help of WordPress, you may create a blog also. Blogging is a specialty of word press. These blogs include personal as well as business use.

• With word press, you can make online learning and teaching portal.

• With WordPress, you can manage and distribute information among members of a certain online community.

wordpress hosting

Now let us see the features of WordPress hosting servers;

You can create a personal or business blog page with the WordPress platform. You can create themes and plugins with WordPress on site. You can select millions of plugins and themes to modify and uniqueness website. It will attract users to the website.

If the website is available 24-7 for a user, it will be more helpful because the user can visit the website in their time. You can easily set up or install the thing in a few minutes. WordPress makes it easy to manage your content. You can publish or schedule your blog easily with WordPress. 

And you also can take decision; your blog has to show publicly or not?

WordPress is the simplest and most helpful way to save and update a website. eWebGuru offers a one-click installer; you can save it with just one click.

WordPress help to easily and quickly manage the website. Principles manage school and teachers manage students like administrators manage web-pages, editors manage content and users and subscribers manage and create their profiles.

You can install millions of themes from here to make your website attractive. Themes will allow users to make their design to choose the best WordPress.

Now, let’s see the comparison between a few companies to help choose the best WordPress hosting providers in Kolkata.

BlueHost WordPress hosting

Blue host offers Unlimited Websites and Unmetered SSD Storage. This company also offers Unmetered Bandwidth,100+ Free WordPress Themes and Domain for 1 Year₹1,399/or value. And as well as Free Staging Envi also.

Blue host is a well-known website server provider company but costlier than other companies. You also can choose WordPress server plans from this company. 

Godaddy WordPress hosting

Godaddy is also a well-known WordPress server provider in Kolkata. In 849.00/mo (₹ 10,188.00 total), Godaddy gives you a website with Unlimited storage and Unlimited visitors also. In this plan, Godaddy offers a Free SSL Certificate for the duration of hosting* (₹ 4,399.00/yr value) with Free Domain (₹ 849.00/yr value) and Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year. Also, the company offers you backup protection with a 1-click restore. Also, Automatic daily malware scans offer to you. SEO optimizer is also available from the company. The company also offer a you 1-click testing site.

Hostgator WordPress hosting

 Hostgator company also offer a plan of 270.4 per month. Hostgator offers unlimited websites in this plan, and you can install WordPress with just one click. The company also offers free WordPress/cPanel website transfer and unmetered Bandwidth. Hostgator also offers a Free SSL certificate, with a free domain included.

Hostinger WordPress hosting

Hostinger is also a well-known WordPress hosting provider company. Hostinger offers a plan of 299Rs per month. In this plan, he offer 100 Websites and 200 GB SSD Storage. And 100 000 Visits Monthly. Free Email, Unlimited Free SSL, and free Domain (₹699.00 value). He also offers Unlimited Bandwidth, and he also Manages WordPress.

eWebguru WordPress Hosting in Kolkata

eWebGuru is a well-known and trusted WordPress hosting provider in Kolkata for WordPress service providers. eWebGuru offers a plan of just 1295 per year. The company offers you 100 Websites with 200 GB SSD Storage in this plan. And the company also offer you 100 000 Visits Monthly, with Free Email and Unlimited Free SSL. The company also offer Free Domain (₹699.00 value) and unlimited Bandwidth. With that company also Managed WordPress.

At this price, we can see that eWebGuru is providing a plan at a too profitable price. 

In this article, we saw WordPress features and compared companies from their prices. We hope this article will help you to choose Best WordPress Server. 

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